Welcome to Jail Manager

Jail Manager is the community that maintains JailMan.


JailMan is a one-line iocage jail management and deployment tool for FreeNAS and FreeBSD. If you are interested in using JailMan, please visit us on github github

Supported operating systems

While we always aim to improve, we have a limited capacity to support older or newer operating systems. Our focus is the current version of FreeNAS and, the future, TrueNAS CORE. That being said: We do look forward to support more operating systems like FreeBSD and Linux.


While we can’t make promises due to the nature of opensource development, we aim to release frequent bugfixes aka minor releases (1.2.x releases) and less frequent major releases that will also change the way you interact with JailMan.

Our current roadmap is as follows:

Support or Contact

Having trouble with JailMan? Check out our Wiki or github and we’ll help you sort it out.